MICK WOIWOD - Historian and Author


MICK WOIWOD brings to life the missing layer of Victoria’s history. 

Mick has researched, written and published over 20 books with a focus on the Yarra Valley, and on Victoria's Indigenous History - the history which is too often ignored.

Mick is past Founding President of the Nillumbik Reconciliation Group, currently its patron.

He is also co-founder of the Andrew Ross Museum in Kangaroo Ground, currently its patron.

Mick first commenced his writing career in 1991 when he and his wife, Margaret, enjoyed the good life in the mud-brick home that they had jointly built on the bush-block in Bend of Islands on the north bank of the Yarra.   Mick now lives in North Eltham with his daughter, Louise. His twenty-first book, Barak  vs the Black Hats of Melbourne will be launched at the Abbotsford Convent on July 9th.


News update coming soon.

Mick has one booklet about to be launched, and another waiting in the wings.