MICK WOIWOD - Historian and Author


Availability of titles, and how to purchase 

Bookstores can order and sell my books but I don’t actively seek retail outlets. Purchasing through bookshops can double the price purchased direct from me.


Simply email me (or phone) and place your order.  Payment options will

be sent to you.  


See my publications Price List below then add the suggested postage charges.  

$10 covers any single book order to most places in Australia.    Postage for the double CD set of Coranderrk and Birrarung databases is $5 from NRG.

Fairs and Festivals

My books appear for purchase at a number of Yarra Valley Markets, and Festivals at various locations across Victoria but mainly in the Melbourne metropolitan area.

I will endeavour to keep this page updated regarding upcoming markets and/or festivals.


Contact Details


(03) 9439 5679

Availability of titles and price list 

Some titles are still available in small numbers but do not appear in this list.

Please email or phone for information on those particular books, including my latest book,  

Barak vs the Black Hats of Melbourne.

  • Kangaroo Ground Dreaming                            $20

  • Wrath of the Myndie                                          $25

  • Paradise Lost                                                        $25

  • The Christmas Hills Story                                  $20

  • Kangaroo Ground: The Highland Taken            (limited stock)                                                     $50

  • Once Around the Sugar Loaf                                              (limited stock)                                                     $50

  • Auld Duncan’s Kangaroo Ground Tales        $15

  • The Last Cry                                                          $15

  • Coranderrk Database (limited stock)            $50

  • Birrarung Database   (limited stock)             $50

  • Double CD - Coranderrk and Birrarung          Databases                                                             $30

  • Barak vs the Black Hats  of Melbourne         $30